The Barrier Islands Project

The Barrier Islands Project is a documentation of the effects of climate change on the delicate ecologies of the barrier islands on the east coast of the United States. These islands are experiencing the consequences of warming temperatures, rising sea levels, and changing weather patterns before many other places due to their close proximity to the ocean. This work aspires to capture both the natural, ever-evolving states of these vulnerable land masses and the abnormal, destructive changes that are now occurring on them.

My photographs are simple surveys of areas that are protected under state or federal parks systems. This land is not suffering from the direct impact of our human footprint from development or localized pollution; rather, it is bearing the secondary consequences of those and other contributors that have happened elsewhere and many years before. Some of the photographs are shot in ecologically vital areas, others in areas with evidence of disruption, and still others in visibly devastated areas. To this point, the photographs are a record of small indicators.